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Animenext (sorta ooc)

Wow animenext came and went. I had uber amounts of fun. But with that fun there was some bad parts which I won't talk about.

Where to get started hmm lets see. Wel me and Vex arrived in new york on thursday around 7, we met up with charlotte,david and emily. After we all met up we went to get food then went to the train station to go to nj. As we waited emily waved to random people to see how they would react oddly enough alot ignored her. Eventually the rest of charlottes friends came and we went off to nj.

When we arrived at our destination we got off the train I was acting like my crazy self then half of the group was picked up leaving me charlotte david and em alone so we proceeded to walk around. We stopped and sat at a near by ice cream plce which had very subjective stuff >.> ice cream ontop of ice cream looking and smiling at each other is one example. Evenutally we went and arrived at jasons. We eventually fell asleep after repo and i got to cuddle up to charlotte which was really nice ^^

The next day was the first day of the con we arrived pretty early i went in steampunk as did vex. Charlotte and david went as Misa and L both did a pretty good job. WE went to the con and had fun pre rej went fast and we did a few things saw a few panels. blah blah

The next day we arrived back at the con charlotte went in lolita and david did a crazy scarecrow.We also met up with ally this day as well. We went to a few more panels i think tihs is the night we went to yugio abridged. Which i found really funny....IN AMERICA! im sure theres more that happened but im drawing some form of blank

That night we moved and went to allys house which was pretty nice and her whole family was really nice and polite. We arrived late at the rave >.> we lost track of time but we made it eventually and we had tons of fun there. ^^ i especially had fun heh heh heh heh. So the night ended and we returned to allys where we all basiclyt fell asleep rather fast and woke up late on sunday hahah XD. This day we had a photoshoot,we took over a youtube show and a few other things happened. it was a ton of fun and i wish it didnt end. In the end I ended up asking out Charlotte which she said yes too. Which also made me very very happy ^^ im still basicly smiling since then.

Thats it for now next will be portcon o.o

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