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drlockevalor's Journal

Locke Valor
7 February
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Hello, I am Doctor Locke Valor; I am the medical adminsistrator of the airship Zephyra. I conduct many experiments and tinker on a few things, most of which people find weird and dangerous. I am always in the market for fresh guinea pigs to work on. Before I came aboard, I had been a feared bounty hunter/mercenary traveling across the world on my Skycycle in search of next adventure and the bounty. I was usually seen partaking of various amenities from other Airships. As my adventures continued I met and learned with many a Shaman, Witchdoctor, Alchemist,witches/wizards,Sorcerers and Scientist allowing my skills to grow exponentially. When I had come across the Zephyra I was sent to capture the Captain and the Engineer. However, after a bit of small battles, things got fuzzy, could have been the pipe to the head but who knows. Upon regaining consciousness the Captain fed me tale of ancient magic and treasure. Clearly knowing how to get on my good side I agreed to help and now here I am. I would very much enjoy telling more of my past, but sadly most of it is a mystery. I intend to piece it together while working diligently with my new crew. But for now I only want the treasure.